Fellowship of Adult Riders and Trainers

In January of 2015, a few of our dedicated boarders and stable hands got together to create Ye Olde Fellowship of Adult Riders and Trainers, also known as, “The Old Farts”! Any adults with a Horse Bucket List are welcome to join. Founded by Christine and Jason Rothrock, this adult equestrian club meets monthly to tackle bucket list items and drink wine. Best of all, it’s free to join, and you don’t have to own a horse! For riding events, you can haul in or possibly borrow a DRA horse. Some bucket list items that have been discussed include a hunter pace, a cattle drive, continuing education through various clinics, attending fun shows, galloping through an open field, trail rides, and more!

See our new bulletin board with all of our Bucket List Items in the barn!

All participants should submit a DRA Disclosure & Release.