Stable Days

This is the ideal activity for young horse enthusiasts (Kindergarten-Fifth Grade) who want to get their hands dirty! Each Stable Day has a different focus. Previously, our Stable Days were only geared toward our youngest students, but we now have several days devoted to our older elementary students as well. (Students sixth grade and up can check out our Mini Clinics!)

Kids! Have an idea for a Stable Day? Suggest it!

Some activities include safety, horse sense, grooming and bathing, anatomy and conformation, knot tying, lunging, turnout, colors, markings, breeds, riding disciplines, hoof and teeth care, nutrition, health care, horse maintenance, bandaging, first aid for horses, common problems, expenses, good products to use, horse showing, and how to choose the right horse.

We also have fun holiday parties and a Kentucky Derby party every year. Participants complete horse related crafts, play games that increase their knowledge of horses, and complete journal entries, drawings, or coloring pages (depending on age and interest) to promote creativity, critical thinking, and imagination. Some Stables Days are now geared toward our younger, yet serious students who want to learn more advanced horse care. Choose the Stable Day that is right for you!

Cost: $20 per participant


For non students, fill out DRA Disclosure & Release and bring to the event.